Prices List


Arrangement: if you have made a song but you are not satisfied with your arrangement we will help you to improve it
Original song: if you are a singer or a dj with ideas and do not know how to create a song we will make a song right for you
Basic mix: if you want to give personality to your song by correcting problems of dynamic, frequency and depth to your tracks
Advanced mix: fix audio and midi quantization intonation problems and want a higher quality than the basic mix
Mastering base: finalization of a stereo and voice mix separately edited
Advanced mastering: finalization and deeper correction of mastering base
Video: making a video clip
Voices Recording


Basic arrangement 80 euros
Original Song 130 euros
Voices Recording on 40 euros
Base mix 30 euros
Advanced mix 60 euros
Mastering base 30 euros
Advanced mastering 50 euros
Videoclip in studio 50 euros
Promotion:If you spent 400 euros, a job excluding the arrangement and the original song is FREE
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